Fun Runners

About this event :

runningDid you ever think, maybe I should run? Well, this is the group to help answer that question, YES! We are runners who run for the fun of it. Some might run fast, some slower, some might love hills and others a slow flat jog. Any and all are welcome! We are getting out there just for the fun of it.

Every Thursday, we  meet at the flags across from the Ouchy metro stop on the water side  and make a 4-5km loop that will include some hills for those interested and a flat path for those not feeling the burning love of hills. We will all end back at one of the local cafes for a much deserved coffee. Please do not feel intimidated to come down and just run or walk/run. We are just out there to have fun and motivate each other along the way!

If you’re interested in joining, contact group leaders Krista Chavez or Kate Ashton:

Your host : Pippa