50th Anniversary Celebration Luncheon

About this event :

IWC 50th Anniversary Luncheon, Friday 1st June 2018, 12:00 – 15:00

Lets take a pleasurable drive into the countryside to enjoy a sumptuous buffet lunch in the courtyard of the picturesque “La Buritaz” restaurant, with magnificent views of the surrounding hills and lake.

Our day will begin with an aperitif on the terrace before enjoying lunch in the open air. The wonderfully selected buffet menu will cater to all, including a selection of vegetarian delights.

Cost: CHF 60* including buffet lunch, dessert, tea and coffee
Non-member guests are welcome at the non-subsidised price of CHF 100*
* (In the event of a cancellation, a replacement must be found. No refunds available.)

“La Buritaz” is approximately a 25 min drive from Lausanne. Free parking is available though limited. We encourage you to organise your own car sharing as public transport is difficult.

Please register here   https://goo.gl/forms/IFKe38vTuMnwdfuG2


Your host : Pmaggard