Nordic Walking for Charity

About this event :

Introduction to NORDIC WALKING. Monday 20 November from 9.30 to 11:00. Meet at Vidy entrance, Stade de Coubertin, Lausanne. Mara Di Baldasarre is a certified Nordic Walking instructor, and her 90 minute class will give the basics of this fitness activity which uses up to 90% of your body muscles, improves posture, tones upper and lower body at the same time, burns up to 46% more calories than ordinary walking, reduces pressure on joints, knees and your back and is ideal for neck, shoulder and back problems.  Walking poles will be provided. Limited to 8 members each class. To register send an email to  Market value: 40 CHF


All money collected will be donated to MECI. See the Fall issue of the IWC magazine, Connections, includes a fuller description of the 2017 IWC Charity – a pilot project of activities for 36 unaccompanied minors living in a foyer in Chamby, above Montreux. The project is run by MECI, Middle East Children’s Institute, which was founded by Lola Nashashibi Grace.




Your host : Maija Remlinger