Literature Group

About this event :


When: January 19th
Where/ Hostess: Tani Vollmann
Leader: Tani Vollmann
Topic: “Novels based on Actual Historical Events”

When: February 16th
Where/ Hostess: Vivienne Furtwangler
Leader: Alison King
Topic: “Dear Diary”

When: March 16th
Where/ Hostess: Margaret Ellison
Leader: Liliane Barry
Topic: “Literary Works with Islands as a Setting”

When: April 20th
Where/ Hostess: Ricky Schmidt
Leader: Eve Krayenbuhl
Topic: “Ghost Stories”

When: May 18th
Where/ Hostess: Eve Krayenbuhl
Leader: Tamara Delapraz
Topic: “Survival”

When: Friday, June 16th
Where: Restaurant Port de Pully
Topic: “Poems” and June Luncheon
Leader for “Poems” – Leng Mouquin

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