Art Appreciation - "Meet the Artist" Dessa

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Art Event NovAt the club presentation, Dessa will talk about her life and work. This will include an audio/ visual presentation of her project: ”Do We Smile or Do We Weep?”: Paintings based on Benjamin Britten’s “Four Sea Interludes and Passacaglia” from his opera “Peter Grimes”.

She created this project for the 2013 Britten centenary celebrations in Berlin, in collaboration with the music editor Boosey & Hawkes.

In her art she is constantly looking to unify rather than separate, whether it be through combining music with art, or fragments of the past with the present, or crossing cultural boundaries. Through her work she explores her own identity in relation to the world. Early in her career she felt the need to be active in a big city and she chose Berlin, which has become her second home. Since 1994 she has had many exhibitions in Berlin and her most recent project concerning memory and history has just been presented at the Mitte Museum. Diversity is also a necessity in her creative expression. Besides painting and collage, she recently invented the term “Transoundart” to describe the non-verbal dialogue in a live performance, between her paintbrushes and the music of a violinist or pianist. Since 1986 she has done many exhibitions in Europe. Please see the website for the list and for further information on her projects, press or films which you may like to view before the talk. Questions will be welcome.

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