Top Gear

About this event :

top-gear Top Gear is a new group set up for those who love driving and want to explore the Alpine scenery on weekend day trips. 

Switzerland is a car driver’s and motor biker’s paradise. If you enjoy motoring through dramatic mountain scenery, stopping at a good local café/restaurant en route, taking fabulous video/photos plus the opportunity to meet with equally passionate drivers and companions, then why not join the Top Gear Club? It’s open to AIWC members and their partners.

The 1st Top Gear Club Drive during the Easter weekend was to Chamonix and the scenic route up from Martigny (not counter-clockwise if your starting point was Lausanne!).

For those thinking about hiring a motorbike for the summer, there are excellent places in Lausanne.

Hope you can join us either on 2 or 4 wheels!

These weekend tours will take place starting Easter Saturday through to end of September. There will be 1 or 2 trips a month, continuing on over the summer. Some will be a day trips, meeting for lunch at a recommended restaurant and others will be longer trips possibly involving an overnight stay. Tours are not ‘in convoy’. Drivers go at their own pace. Details of the route, restaurant/suggested accommodation will be given in full detail.

Although some of the journey will have to be on the autoroute, the aim of the Top Gear Club is to explore & enjoy the drive along as little of the autoroute as possible. This club is therefore not suitable for those who aren’t confident driving twisty mountain roads, suffer from car-sickness or have a fear of heights.

If you’d like to know more, contact Janet Greenwood:

Your host : Pippa