About this event :

Cully_jazz_enfantsOn 9 April, we’re going to the Cully Jazz Festival that has a special event geared specifically to young people. Gasandji, who is from the Congo and whose name translates as « the one who awakes awareness», is performing with Dramane Dembélé, a flautist from the Ivory Coast who spent his childhood in Burkina Faso. He’s a master of the Peule flute and percussions, and with Gasandji forms an unusual and moving duo both in its approach and scenic energy.

Described as a “short moment of intimacy and African warmth to share in the afternoon”, it should be a fun moment and a fantastic way to introduce your kids to jazz.

Go here to buy your ticket on line. For further information, contact Krista Chavez:

Your host : Pippa